Our story

Aigle Group was founded in 2008 in France and Romania and has hence expanded throughout Europe with offices in FR-Lyon, Caen, Colmar, Rethel, Toulon, Amiens, PL-Kalisz; ROU-Bucharest, Iasi, Pitesti, Cluj and most recently in TR-Bursa, Istanbul, Zonguldak, becoming one of the fastest growing transport and logistics companies in Europe.

By 2010 we already had 5 agencies in France and 5 in Romania while also opening in Poland.

After the acquisition of our own fleet in 2011, by 2014 we had already increased the number of agencies to 7 in France and 7 in Romania and in the same time we set the roots of our HUBWEB with warehouses in Lyon, Colmar, Pitesti, Istanbul and Bologna.

Our long term plans include the building of a new warehouse and logistics platform in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the acquisition of 15 new trucks: 5 Mega, 2 double-deckers, 8 standard tautliners.

Currently Aigle Group’s services are divided to Road Freight-75%, Sea Freight-1%, Air Freight-1%, overweight-1% and Emergencies-20%.

Our road transport coverage expands all over Europe: France, Romania, Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Luxemburg, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Malta, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan.

Besides Europe, we also successfully cover non EU countries, CIS countries, North Africa and Middle East.

Aigle’s main business model is formed of Forwarding, Own Fleet and Partners Fleet management with special focus on customers’ needs, less costs, flexibility, Secured system and always back up, Optimization, Creativity, Software and E-Intelligence innovations.

Supported by our organization and expertise, our main goal is always offering quality transport solutions on long term projects, goal which we have repeatedly achieved, allowing us to succeed in enlarging our portfolio while maintaining the trust of even our very first clients. Through our perseverance and determination we have managed to rise quickly and solidly in the versatile domain of transportation and logistics where clients are known to always look for a “better solution”.

In the present, we aren’t only “the better solution” but as supported by our continuous expansion and our list of renowned clients, we are undoubtedly “the best solution” for our long term business partners.


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