Our Team

What makes us different than most companies in this field is definitely OUR TEAM.

Our personal implication in every project and our belief that there is no less or more important client or transport are the two main highlights of our team that we are proud of.

We are a team formed of highly motivated members who have always kept a direct relationship with all our drivers and fellow transporters, as well as each other.

In every project that we supply we invest a part of ourselves in finding the most opportune solution to meet the needs of our clients. In this process we analyze all aspects of the routes and carried goods in order to create the easiest yet long term solutions, focusing on each and every client individually.

In support of our quality and promptness we assign a special commercial and operation team to each transport field where the needs of the clients can be met by already experienced colleagues.

Through our positive motivation strategies, far different from common award methods practiced by most companies, we ensure the success of a close working team, where each new client is a client brought to AIGLE GROUP and a plus to the pride of every member.

We aspire in our own success and our main goal is to maintain the healthy and productive working environment we have achieved through time, allowing us to continue in providing high ranked – long term solutions to our current and future clients, thus embracing our belief that we are amongst the best in our field!


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